En Plein Air:

Eight Artists Interpret the Landscape in the Open Air


Press Release

Cos Cob, CT, June, 2013--The Drawing Room Gallery is pleased to present the new group exhibition, En Plein Air: Eight Artists Interpret the Landscape in the Open Air, which runs June 8 –August 5, 2013. The Drawing Room Art Gallery invites the greater public to attend the Opening Reception and meet the artists, on Saturday, June 8, from 6:30-8:30 pm. 

The historic tradition of painting “En Plein Air” derives from a French expression that means, “in the open air” and is utilized to describe the act of painting outdoors on location. Embedded into the content of this work is the very fact that these works were created outside and on-site, where each artist dealt with all the natural elements of sun, wind, hot and cold temperatures, bugs, dirt and sand, and rapidly changing light and weather conditions. These challenges force the artist to work quickly, making instinctual moves, which can also often provide the work with fresh and spontaneous qualities.

Featured artists are eight accomplished painters: Peter Batchelder (Amherst, NH), Tim Conte (Philadelphia, PA), Emilie Lee (Brooklyn, NY), Lorraine Lewin (Guilford, CT), Charles Newman (Haddon Township, NJ), Brian Rego (Columbia, SC), Karen Schmitz (Stamford, CT) and Hannah Sessions (Leicester, VT). These artists reveal their own instinctual approaches to interpreting the landscape, and express a timeless beauty apparent in their personal surroundings. 

Artists have long painted in nature. With the advent of oil paints encased in tubes, making them easily transportable (versus the tradition of grinding ones own pigments in the studio), the popularity of painting outdoors dramatically increased in the 1870’s, directly influencing Impressionism and painters of the Barbizon School. Painting en plein air continues to inspire contemporary artists from all over the world today, and specifically, these eight artists who hail from as far north as Vermont down to South Carolina.

These skillful and touching perceptions of the landscape provide the viewer with interesting and beautiful perspectives, which allow us to experience the light and colors specific to these particular locales, and the feelings that each artist possessed when painting them.