Art Consultation Services

We will source artwork options for your review, specifically tailored for your project or spaces. If you are looking for something custom-made, we will also administer this process and work closely with the chosen artist to create that perfect work of art. We work with you to identify values, taste and goals and select the ideal artwork for your project, which fits closely with your vision and budget.

BUDGET: We will work with you to utilize the best use of your budget. We will source artwork that best fits your budget whether that means sourcing original fine art, high quality prints and editions or a mix of the two.

HOME TRIALS: We allow 48 hour home trials for select works under serious consideration. Client is liable for safe-keeping and artwork taken on home trial must be fully insured by client’s home insurance policy. Client covers costs of any necessary shipping of artwork to residence. 

FRAMING: We are happy to assist and help guide clients with framing if needed. 

DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION: For works larger than 44x44, and being taken on home trials, artworks can only be delivered to client’s home by hired professionals at client’s expense. We will manage and administer final art installation process using our partners who are a professionals contracted out with the highest level of experience and attention to detail. Clients have the right to hang their own artwork and opt out of any assistance hanging artwork if they so choose.