Ebb & Flow



The Drawing Room Art Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, “Ebb & Flow”, celebrates water and the transformative power that water plays in our lives on a physical, spiritual and cultural level. This dynamic exhibit features the work of five artists and examines the varying and mysterious ways that water can be represented through painting, photography and paper. 

David Dunlop’s luminous and energetic paintings incorporate Renaissance techniques with the contemporary science of visual perception. Working oil into the surfaces of anodized aluminum and canvas, he creates exceptionally emotive works in which direct, loose and painterly marks are exceedingly vivid in their contemporary realism. A teacher and lecturer based in Wilton CT, and the author and host of the PBS series “Landscapes Through Time”, Dunlop’s work engages contemporary and historical painterly aesthetics with a thoughtful and philosophical perspective.

Louisa Conrad’s works are poetic photographic images inspired from her travels throughout northern climates such as the Canadian Arctic and Iceland.  Her photos explore global issues regarding the environment, habitat and climate change, and are a visual testament to the romance that dwells in nature’s frozen (and unfrozen) recesses and the quiet that accompanies life’s transitional processes. 

Driven by the strangeness of the black and white construct and how it both limits and expands visual expression, Jennifer Day’s monochromatic paintings illuminate the sheer drama of the ocean. Day paints a world built on the gray scale while implying the fathomless depths of imagination. 

Adrienne Ginter’s intricately detailed paper-cut works draw the viewer closer into scenes of nature, telling a million little stories as extreme amount of minutia are incorporated into each scene. Through such depths of detail, she explores the oddities and subtle fascinations of the natural world. Each of these works and their uniqueness draws parallels between narratives and the stories of human beings- whether from ancient myths, history, or her own personal experiences.

Jeremy Saladyga’s photography examines the relationship between straight photographic depictions of nature and that which is non-representational or ambiguous to the eye. Approaching his images with a formalist approach by focusing on the sea & sky’s horizon line, his work gives way to metaphors of spirituality, power and the balance of water and air as they lie in harmony or violent opposition.

This exhibition asks its viewers to question their personal relationship to water. Life-sustaining and transformative properties of water play a vital role in shaping our physical and cultural landscape. Light-filled imagery of reflective pools, turbulent ocean waves and tranquil bodies of water suggest water’s evocative power and how it remains to be such a compelling subject to so many contemporary artists.