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I have a great deal of experience of the creative industries having worked for a number of years as a freelance illustrator and within design studios. This practical knowledge has assisted me whilst working within art education teaching Level 2 and 3 as well as degree level students at The South Bank Art Centre, Bedford College. For my current role at the College I have written and designed the courses for Illustration, Animation and Graphic Design pathways and devise timetables and schemes of work for the academic year. I am also personal tutor for a number of the students enrolled on the courses.

I am an active supporter of the promotion of art, design and media not only through my work at Bedford College but also through organisations such as We Are Bedford, The School of Us and Bedford Creative Arts, for whom I have helped organize a number of exhibitions and art & design workshops. I am also founding member of the Circus of Illustration, a group set up to promote drawing in Bedford and encourage artistic activities through workshops and events. 

Working within the arts as a practitioner, facilitator and educator has allowed me to develop a strong understanding the practicalities of following a creative profession.


David Litchfield is an illustrator from Bedford, England. 

He first started to draw when he was very young, creating Star Wars and Indiana Jones ‘mash up’ comics for his older brother and sister. Since then David’s work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, books and on T-shirts.

He has illustrated for The Beano, The Telegraph Newspaper, Anorak Magazine and Center Parks. He is also a regular contributor to Creaturemag the art and illustration on-line magazine and Bedfordshires own ‘Bedford Clanger’ newspaper.

A couple of years ago David started a ‘Drawing A Day’ project were he drew one complete illustration a day for a year and put them on-line for the world to see and critique. The resulting 365 images have been exhibited in a number of locations around the world and the project has led on to a number of fantastic opportunities for David and his work.

Currently David is finalizing two children’s book commissions as well as developing a graphic novel with the acclaimed screenwriter Neil Fox.

Away from illustration David enjoys monster movies, playing the acoustic guitar and watching ‘Adventure Time’ with his son, Benny.